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I am wild about rugs. All styles, Oriental, Turkish, modern. But my passion are Kilims. I adore them on the floor, but I love them even more on sofas, chairs, cushions or draped artfully over tables.

I spotted this today over at Belgian Pearls.
This always reminds me of classic paintings from a time where rugs where rare, expensive and a status symbol.
" During the 17th century the worldwide trading empires of the great Dutch merchants brought exotic luxuries from the East and Far East. Owning such curious rarities was a sign of wealth, national pride, and a declaration of alliance with the rational and scientific breeze blowing through Europe from the North. This homage to Dutch still life paintings In their Golden Age by the artist includes shells from the tropics and an antique rug from the Caucasus." Quote from below.


By Christian Berentz.

Seen at Tea and Carpets, a great and informative blog about, well: carpets.

Today this has changed to a point, of course carpets and rugs are widely available, but great ones are still expensive.
Much has been written about gorgeous carpets and I will not take on a history of rugs. But I have a passion for lovely colors, patterns and love to incorporate them in my design whenever possible.

I like kilims for their softer, easier to drape quality. They are also more vulnerable, since they have no pile.

By Holbein.

By Hans Memling.

The cover of one of last year's Veranda Magazine was graced with this incredible Aubusson carpet. Draped over a dining table.

Image via Cote de Texas.

I found wonderful examples of kilims for upholstery. An absolutely timeless and classic look.
This Victorian chaise reminds me of Oscar Wilde's extravagant style.

Via Tribal Home.

Georg Smith sofas and arm chair.

Via The state of things.

After I wrote this post today I pulled the latest House Beautiful from the mailbox. I had to smile since the new trends to watch for 2011 are atmospheric, traditional, artisanal, tribal, handmade, theatrical, glam, looking back for inspiration...
Kilims fit the bill beautifully!


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