Hello from France

The little town has put a spell on us all, we're living a dreamy country life, quiet and yet not boring at all. We explore small towns, markets and enjoy walks around the country side. We take all millions of pictures and mostly enjoy each other. Has it been already almost one and a half weeks? Impossible! 

The charming house we live in for the summer...

I've met the sweetest townspeople, often from abroad themselves and home now in this lovely southern corner of the Perigord! The town itself, an old Bastide, which means a ancient fortified church town, is small. A five minute walk takes you trough it,  but already I befriended Prudence, a perfume designer with her small delicate shop and delicious perfumes, living here for 20 years, her sister, owning the most charming design store, both from Australia and utmost French by now...
A fashionable jewelry designer, working for Christian Delacroix, creating fun pieces, which are not to be taken too seriously! 
We've met an ex-pat American, living here for ten years now, from Boston.... 
And a wonderful lady, Catherine, who owns the local Brasserie, waiting for us, to enjoy our 'cafe grande' every night.
All are extremely helpful and ready to share their stories. We feel very much 'at home' here and in love with the magic of this place. Many 'Bastides' around here were  founded in the 13th Century by the English and a lot of Brits visit every summer!

We have had a country fair here, complete with live animals- huge cream colored cows with their calves and oxen.... markets with everything from the most delicious cheeses to Fois gras and strawberries, delicately tasting of raspberries, old linens and crockery, honey and home made jams.
We enjoy the wines of Bergerac, Bordeaux and St. Emillion. 

Detail above the door

Old posters

Today's 'brocante' yielded some old posters and a small linen towel, at least as old as I am....Ha, not old at all....Or an antique??? It all depends, right?
I dug through paintings, brass buttons, plates and derelict pieces and odd ends....

Then we lounged by the pool, nibbled some cheese and fresh vegetables, drank a little wine and slept in the sun!
This is a wonderful daily routine, beginning every morning with a two minute stroll to the 'Boulangerie' to get fresh baguettes, croissants and something delicious, called pain de noix, a dense dark bread with walnuts.... Hmmm. So good!
We often cook in the evenings, fresh fish and salads, with more baguette and cheeses, the local, stone hard salami and the freshest and juiciest peaches.
Or we explore the local restaurants, which are amazing and always refined.
This is also the home of canard and fois gras, duck and liver pate, where almost every town has their very own specialty of it! No menu is without it!

Fountain in Bergerac

Small sidewalk cafes

Fois gras advertisment

I will post a little more in the next week, I do enjoy sitting and just feeling everything! So to tell you I am very active would simple be an overstatement....It's a lot of small joys ....the boys, the sister coming tomorrow, my darling in- laws.... Just simple pleasures!

Greeting, my friends! Here is a glimpse of about half the gang!


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