can you help me???

i have been eyeing a rug from pottery barn for a while now.  it’s their flat-braided natural jute rug.

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i need an 8’x10’ in my living area.  the problem is that i don’t want to spend $500 for it.  i love natural fiber rugs but some of them can be quite rough on the footsies.  this one is so unbelievably soft though.  it’s like you’re walking on a cloud.  i’ve seen them at the pottery barn outlet up in dawsonville, ga before but i haven’t had a chance to get back up there to see if they have one now.  the last few times i’ve made it up there they haven’t had an 8x10 in. 

i also like this one from ballard designs. i haven’t seen it in person but the description says it’s “surprisingly soft.”  it’s right at $300 after you add the $20 up charge for an 8’ x 10’. 

RR581_1 RR581_3

i’m going to throw this out to all my reader’s.  have any of you found a very soft, inexpensive jute rug?  if so, where?  i’m looking for something less than $250.  i’d be thrilled with one for around $150, but i think that might be pushing it to think that i could find one for less than $200.  hopefully one of you has an answer.  surely there has got to be one for less than $300 out there.

please help me if you have any insight on soft braided jute rugs. 


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