Saturday post

Another Saturday has rolled around and it's finally a sunny and almost hot weekend.
I have been silent a whole week, but if you see what I have done over these five days, you will understand why.
After all that rain we had been flooded again and with my in-laws arriving today there was no time to spare to get the place in livable shape again.
After the installation of a new sump pump I painted the place, put in new linoleum flooring - my husband and I did it ourselves....we made it nice and welcoming, so the basement sleeping quarters are not dingy at all!
Have a look!


After days of painting, scrubbing and fixing:

Even the hideous dark closet looks good enough to hang some clothes.  

The small orange paint strip near the entrance is a little reminder of what it looked like before and the kids requested this, since we have measured them there against the wall....
I know, looking closely it is still not much to look at, but for now it will do nicely! I am certainly happy with the results. 
Boys, if you read this, you will appreciate it too! The old boiler room has a fresh floor from remnants and looks so much better!

And this reminds me how time flies. The babies we once had under our feet are now at least as toll as I am and look fondly down into the old basement, witness to many a sleepover, family visits and countless play hours and now teen parties. 
We have rooted out all junk, which had piled up, but there are things, which I will keep: many books, some toys, wooden train sets, dolls and bears, games and an old TV set, still doing its duty and even an ancient video player for some of the historic videos....
It has been the labour of love and now I can welcome guests with peace of mind!

It's still a bit of a fish shack, but a bit more loved one!

A happy weekend to you all! Enjoy it! I can't wait to visit all your blogs again! Miss you!


All pictures by V.Zlotkowski


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