Garden spots

Nothing is better then a romantic garden spot.


I love them, they invite intimacy and quiet time. Reading, dreaming, relaxing or one to one conversation.
A bench, two chairs...a small table! Maybe a glass of wine.


This one above can actually be rented here! It's a wonderful getaway place in Bucks County! Amazing what one can find online these days! It still astounds me!
And so can the following. A lovely B & B In Venice, Italy. Click on the image link!


But I digress.... thinking of summer spots in the garden does this to me!
I have been looking for my own cozy garden spot, after all what is a garden, when there is no place to lounge? We have a table and chairs, but they provide only so much long time comfort...legs up is good, right?

My previous post talks about garden chaises....go, have a look!  
But small garden spots can be created almost anywhere.
Potted plants and a chair and footrest provide a tiny corner on a balcony or small deck if a garden space is not available. 


 This has been my garden spot today:

The old rocking chair, which we found at the curb not far from our house....I spruced it up with pillows
(last year) from Anthropologie, my go-to place for whimsical goods!
But of course it's an indoor piece and requires moving it around to protect it from the weather! Not a permanent solution...
The bench is better, but a little hard on the back when sitting longer...

We like that one....

From Martha Stewart's Charlottetown collection. It's a budget friendly and light weight solution for a comfy garden spot!
I can see two of them together in a quiet corner below the deck, out of sight and away from the trampoline, which attracts the set which never sits still.
I might add this...

And that...

But to make it the sweet corner I am dreaming of I need to add this...

Source unknown

And that!

And especially that!

I know, I am a hopeless romantic and I love every minute of it! 

Have a nice weekend, my friends!


All images as indicated and my own!


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