Message from my garden

I am sitting in a cove of sorts, behind me the wall of the house and in a semi- circle around me dark red walls of blooming lilacs and azaleas. 

It's a magical spot, fill with sweet scents and bird song. The large bumble bees move drunken from flower to flower and all I can do is sit and listen, look and take deep breaths... 

These moments are incredibly peaceful and I always try to take them in full of awareness. Aware of these moments passing, the time moving along and not standing still for a second. Look at this beautiful Dahlia given to me by a good friend, she sits in the soil now, facing the sun! She is aptly named Karma Choc! Hmmmm....

I am thanking life for being good to me and I am grateful! 
I wish you all days filled with peace and good things!



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