Garden chaise lounges

I have been looking for a garden chaise lounge to read or relax comfortably. There are many choices, but with classic teakwood garden furniture on our deck, I feel a wooden one will fit in nicely. But I am open for wicker too.
The classic Oxford Chaise Lounge (ca. $ 460)


This one below is the Dorado Steamer Deck Lounge Chair, which for me as the name suggests conjures up images of ladies in such on ocean liners...not a bad association!
(Ca. $ 150)



This is the the Strathwood Hardwood Chaise Lounge, similar to the first one but with a considerably lower price tag! (Ca. $ 120)

I also like this model for it's ability to raise the leg portion.This is good for reading... 


Important to me that it has wheels to move it around easily. And the build in tray is great for drinks or a snack! 
This one below is the Charlottetown Chaise Lounge made by Martha Stewart from plastic wicker, it's good looking and a contender as well.
With a competitive price tag. ($ 199) It has no wheels, but looks light enough to be carried around...


So many good options out there!  Now all what's left is to pick the right one!  Now make that two, so you can join me in the garden....

What do you think?


All images as indicated.


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