paint problems?

while we were killing time before heading to the airport to fly back from our vacation this weekend we hit up the barnes & noble down in west palm beach.  i always make a b-line to the periodicals so i can see the latest home decor issues that are out.  while scouring the magazines i came across a house beautiful “bookazine” that was all about paint colors and paint choices.


i flipped through it and immediately thought that it was a great tool for those of you out there who aren’t in a financial position to hire an interior designer but still need help with paint selection.

this bookazine is a collection of the “color” sections of the last dozen or so house beautiful issues.  {basically what i’m saying is if you already subscribe to house beautiful, and have for the last year or so, then i wouldn’t go out and buy it because you already have -or have read- what is in it.}  if not, and you are considering painting and need some guidance, then go for it. 


here’s a run-down of the topics the bookazine covers…

chapter 1 – neautrals

chapter 2 – color by color

chapter 3 – room by room

chapter 4 – how do you want your room to feel

chapter 5 – naturals

chapter 6 – how bold are you

chapter 7 – solving problems with color

the bookazine is full of color suggestions from many well-known designers.  windsor smith, phoebe howard, suzanne kasler and many more suggest an array of their favorite colors from multiple paint manufacturers for you to choose from.

the layout is fun, fresh and very readable.



they’ve also thrown some beautiful interior shots into the mix.

for about $10 you’ll get 500+ paint suggestions to help you paint the rooms in your home the perfect shade. 

so what are you waiting for…paint away!

{all images – either house beautiful  or mine :o)…i’m sure you can tell the difference.}


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