i like it

our ikea store has been going through some major renovations so i’ve been staying away from all the chaos.  i got brave and took a trip last week to see how things were coming.  i really liked what i saw.  they still have a little work left to do but it’s coming along nicely.  it always amazes me at the creativity used to decorate the small living spaces they display.

here’s a sampling of some of the new products that i saw and really liked.  i was in a hurry so i only took a few pictures but i pulled other images from the website.

double-bowl farmhouse sink for $312


commercial-style kitchen sink faucet for $249

another great faucet *you can’t beat $49*

woven dining chairs for $49 and $69

a woven mirror for $79


and everyone loves industrial lighting especially when it only costs $29


i can’t wait to check out more of their progress in the next few months.


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