Opening new doors

We are still working on the final installation of the new blog format. I realized through trial and error that now, because of the new set up, all of you have only one part of the blog which updates itself. (Interior Design) The reason is simply a technical solution. In order to create sub categories we opened new blogs under the roof of Art House Design.

You can find House and Living, the blog part, which holds my 'old' blog and is now a new category of Art House Design. I hope this is not too confusing.

Once you enter the blog, you can simply switch between the different options.

Another way is to simply additionally start following the new installed 'Interior Design' part of my blog. This way you get updates of all my blog parts!
The option Projects leads to latest projects I have finished or I am working on.
I love opening new doors!

I especially love this door and entry way, belonging to Liz Lange's country house, cleverly designed and decorated by Jonathan Adler! It is so light and airy. And allthough we are entering the darker seasons in these weeks, I feel these colors let in all the light and the comfort and warmth comes through patterns and added textures.

Image via House Beautiful and my own.


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