DECOR magazine Fall/Winter 2010

Rarely do I get pulled in by sensational subtitles on magazine covers, but the line 'The Most Exquisite Rooms Ever' of DECOR magazine made me curious. OK, they got me.
After a quick glance through the pages I decided to invest in it and take it home for closer inspection. Truthfully I love nothing better then to crack open a freshly acquired design magazine and to browse and to indulge in my decorating fantasies.

The title promised a lot. Let's take a look! Beforehand I need to apologize for the lack of quality in many of the following pictures. I took them with my camera, but it seems they got certainly lost in translation...I picked the pictures most appealing to me, it's not a complete overview!

Meredith McBrearty designed a Southern beauty for her clients, childhood friends from Alabama. The house in Southern California is beautifully light filled. A palette of creamy whites, pale turquoise and peach creates warmth and comfort. An absolute winner!

Turning just a few pages further I found a Los Angeles home, designed by Windsor Smith. I fell completely for the kitchen and the master bath she designed.

Timeless elegance and cool chic can be found in this Alabama home decorated for his own by Gregory Mewbourne.

Refined Glamour titles DECOR magazine the following Dallas home, designed by Jan Showers. Incredibly sophisticated!
And think again less blue-ish tone, much more cream.. sorry!

Liz Williams, another Southerner with an eclectic ability to mingle striking antiques with contemporary touches, created an elegant, classic yet casual home.

Designer Tom Stringer's Chicago home had me at hello and I loved his bedroom design in particular.

Another Southern home, this time in Savannah caught my eye for it's natural beauty and balanced palette. Interior design by Robin Thomas.

The house which I love the most in the magazine is the coastal Maryland home, designed by Jay Jenkins as a perfect spot to escape his Baltimore -based workweeks. It is small and filled with soft neutral backdrop colors, the gray-toned beige of the kitchen cabinets continues on the walls, baseboards, moldings throughout the home. Non-neutral wall colors grace just two main level spaces. The gray-tangerine stripes lend scale in the foyer and the olive shade in the den creates a intimate atmosphere for art work and comfortable sitting.

The following Charlotte home follows the charming path DECOR mag has followed so far. A home with patina, a sense for a casual lifestyle and a reverence to the past combines beautifully. Designed by Kathy Smith and Cindy Smith.

Classic cottage details bring charm to this South Carolina's Low Country beach house. Here I love the soft greens in this garden inspired part of the great room. Interiors by Tammy Connor and Lisa Long Andersen.

Designer and homeowner Mimi Williams skirted the base of these antique pub chairs with linen to soften their look, hiding the fact, that she secretly raised the legs to lift the chairs to today's standard height. A limestone hood and concrete countertops add to the organic appeal. This kitchen is my favorite.

Last but not least will be the main living area of this historic lighthouse on Nantucket Sound, providing a quiet getaway for a busy couple. Designed by Elizabeth Corker, it shows traditional casual design at it's best! I love the contrasts between the creamy walls and the dark floors.

I hope I raised your interests, the magazine is filled to the brim with gorgeous designs, traditional with a nod to the past and a twist towards the relaxed. I love such homes, they remind me of all the timeless qualities traditional homes have: Comfort, history and effortless charm.

There is of course much more between the pages of DECOR's latest issue, but I could not possibly have shown you all more, since there is so little time and so many blogs to read! And even though 'ever' is an exaggeration...DECOR certainly picked most exquisite rooms.


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