New Fave Fabric & My Dining room

I have a new favorite fabric, and I plan to use it as panels in my dining room. It’s in the Collier Campbell Collection from Fabricut.  I first saw it at Forsyth Fabrics.


I painted the top half of my dining room Sherwin Williams Rainstorm.  It’s a dark indigo blue and I love it.  Since my home was built in the 50’s it had the typical wood paneling.  It was only about 4 feet high though.  I decided to paint it White Dove from Benjamin Moore.  The blue on the upper part of the wall blends perfectly with the blue in the bird on the fabric.

F0AA1EF9DF4013057E865539180F88FC_sherwin-williams - rainstorm - sw6230_14674_detail

Currently the only room in the house that is totally finished is the nursery, so it will be really nice to have another room completed.  We have to get the panels made, 4 dining chairs and a few more pieces of art.  Then we will be done and I’ll post pictures.  Here is the idea board that I created for the space though.  This give you and me a good idea of what it will look like when it’s done.

Dining Room


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