I love candle light. May it be just a single light at my bedside, simple wooden holder with tapers at our dinner table or festive ones at the holidays, I just love the glow and gentle light.
Bringing out the Pyramide, the rotating wooden carousel-like structure from my home state Saxony in Germany, is a highlight for all of us. It is a temperamental thing, sensitive to position, sometimes not turning at all. But once it's running, we love to watch it.

They are made in small workshops in Saxony, candles creating the heat to turn the wooden paddles above. There are figures telling the Christmas story or reindeer and Santa Claus on small tiers, moving round and round.

Nutcracker, smoking man and chocolate filled Advent calendars are a must in German holiday traditions. 

The old ironing machine cloth is perfect for a backdrop!

When I sit in the darkened room, just listening to the sounds of the family at home, the dog sleeping next to me, then I feel completely content, the lights filling me with memories and times past. Back, when I was little and looked at my grandma's Christmas decorations, usually foil wrapped candies, chocolates, apples and a few saved Christmas ornaments, which had survived the bombing of Dresden. 
Each piece connected to her own memories.
Or the slowly moving Pyramide at my parent's house and 
visits to a humble holiday market at the main square in my hometown. And singing of carols at Christmas Eve.

What are your memories of holidays past?

Pictures by V.Zlotkowski


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