Reflexions on a stormy day

I am sitting and watching the storm clouds move fast, gray and heavy, the trees are bending and the grass is splattered with torn branches and leaves. 

Howls from the chimney make me aware of the powers above, then minutes of stillness followed by another round of cracking winds. Rain hits the windows, rattles the glass. 
Wind --- Windows, there must be a connection? To keep the winds out  ---windows....

Inside it's quiet, a small candle holds the light up against the growing shadows.

This window lets me travel Italy, a small bronze warrior from an ancient Roman site near Sienna ( brought home 27 years ago...) and a glass bottle from France (this year) keep me occupied with thoughts of summers past and warmth and sunshine.

The small glass bird knows the secrets of the window, whispers of traveling light,
the rain and clouds and sun.
And of the occasional flowers within.

Seemingly a small view opens me up wide.
And the storm blows on...

All images by V.Zlotkowski
Copyright 2012


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