Another year ahead....

...And I am so thankful for everything life has given me until now. Everything I experience today has had unlikely beginnings and if you would have told me on any early birthday where my life would be 20, 30 or 40 years from then, I would have smiled and shaken my head, impossible! 
And yet, as I got older, things aligned themselves around me in the most unpredictable ways. Now I feel, I am, perhaps for the first time, truly in charge of myself, discovering without fears what I want to do in life, after many trials and errors I have come to the conclusion that worldly things are wonderful attributes, but rather less important.
My deepest satisfaction comes from the love I can give and receive daily from my family and friends, the support I am getting in fulfilling my dreams of creating and writing and the health I enjoy and try to maintain, the world around me to explore!
Things, which can hardly be measured, things I carry in my heart and mind, things which flood me with happiness! 
To be connected and to share some of my ideas and dreams here on this blog is a big part of it.
I am deeply grateful!

xoxo Victoria

Image by V.Zlotkowski


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