Snowy morning

Detail of an old piece of dental molding, found under the half round detail, covered with siding, over the front door.

Not quite unexpectedly we were woken rather early this morning by another call from school: There will be a delay, due to inclement weather... and while my kids turned around and dreamed another sweet dream of dodging yet another test... I was thinking of our half stripped roof and the delay it would create there. But I love the pristine white and my husband took a few great shots before the workers came and removed the snow to work on the details inside the garage and moldings. It is cold, but the men are used to the outdoor work. I supply them with hot tea and they are unfazed by any obstacle.

8 AM

You can see a little of the newly created molding, details, which I designed with my trusted contractor.

Unfinished detail inside the portico, there will be a small lantern hanging in the center.

Today will be no roof work, obviously, but I was told they might continue tomorrow. So I am looking forward to more emerging details on the house front. A happy day!

Wishing you all the same!


All images by V. Zlotkowski and


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