Curb appeal

Our house is cute, but lacks serious curb appeal due to the old shingle walk way, a relict from the 50's.  After many repairs and this last winter's freeze damage it's finally beyond saving. Not that I really wanted to...
And it is a health hazard as well, people can seriously fall over those loose steps....

A single lamppost barely illuminates the way up to more stairs to reach the door with a platform, too short to stand upon when opening the storm door! 

For a while now I have been talking with my husband about what to do with it and we now have a plan in place!
I have been doing drawings after drawings, looked at hundreds of light fixtures, stone samples and front doors. We decided to do it all at once, not to start over with this and that a little later on. There is still a new roof waiting to be installed  - one day - and the siding needs painting.....
One thing at the time.

Back to that old walk way.
I thought the current way is too narrow and crooked, the single post does not much on the lighting front.
Here is the plan:

There will be a longer platform and one less step up to the front door.
The walkway will be centered and 4' wide, there will be a wider path to the garage.
The walkway will be made from bluestone, the local and economic way to lasting beauty and function. Our builder suggested a Belgian stone border to secure the 
bluestone slabs.


I planned less stairs towards our house and two columns midway with light fixtures to illuminate the walk way and stairs. Something like this below.

I think these will be beautiful.

We will remove the old mailbox. And a wall hung one will be installed instead.

There are currently two benches sitting left and right to the door, they are very fragile, we will build something new there!

And a new front door and hardware will be installed as well. 
In a dark blue or teal.

We decided on classic brass hardware. Similar to this below.

And a door knocker like that:


I love that blue!

I think I am falling in love with our house again!

Work will hopefully begin Friday! Wish us luck with the weather!


Pictures and drawings by V.Zlotkowski and as indicated.


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