Sneak peak

These last days have been a whirlwind of activity around our house, so therefore I did not have time to be at my desk.... but I think a little sneak peak in all the action is what I can do!
The new path is prepped now, the new door is in and today gets the first coat of blue! I love it!
We decided to exchange the shutters as well and they are getting painted as I write this. The sun shines for the first time in days and hopefully all has time to dry and cure before the next rain storm is expected: Saturday!

It is quite a change from the old door to the new! No more drafts, way more light and this even before removing the protective plastic over the glass!

And yet, it still fits into the style of this 1947 home! I do not want to change this, there is a charm to all the details in this old house!

There is still a lot to be done until Saturday, they promised to be finished before Easter Sunday! Today the bluestone will be laid out and we will need a lot of new top soil to fill in after the new path is done. It has been raised to level it for the stairs and make it even, but our front yard is at a slope, we will have to level this too. I think to be realistic this is not going to happen before next week.

I brought in a branch of our Magnolia tree! I love these blossoms! A little piece of beauty among the dust and dirt around here:

I hope you are all good! Thinking of you!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski


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