Touch of gold

Gold colored metals have made a comeback over the last years and truth be told, I always had a weakness for a little bit of shiny gold in design. Our front door sports gleaming brass fixtures and I think it looks great with the classic colonial style of our house. I think of a ship sometimes, the house has a navy feel with the blue and white...but that was actually unintended!

This was a year ago, now the mail box hangs and the grass has grown into the area next to the walkway.

Many years ago my husband brought a lovely antique clock back from a visit to Amsterdam and it has graced our mantle ever since. It has of course invited the use of more gold tone metals, bronze, brass and gold plated...It glistens at night and always makes me feel festive.

The walls are painted in a desert sand by BM and glow warm at night.

 Usually my use of these metals is sparingly, I am not the magpie type and I hardly use gold tone jewelry, but a few days ago I bought a gold colored Asian garden stool and I am happy to report it adds a lovely portion of glamour to our music salon. 

Via Joss & Main, a great shopping experience, btw.

Are you in favor of golden accessories? I do stop at gold tone bathroom fixtures, those still have a dated feel to me.
But I also mix metals, dark, silver toned and golden.
And I do not mind oxidized metals either...I rather dislike to much polishing! A little patina adds to the charm of things, don't you agree?

All images by V.Zlotkowski


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