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Today our youngest graduated from Elementary School to attend Jr./Sr. High School in September! 
Perhaps a small step compared to the graduation from High School or College, but a huge step for these kids, who have made it over the threshold of childhood into youth.We have seen it this last year, the sudden change of voice and height, the unexpected manners, the growing need for independence and more freedom to spend time (and money) on his own. Not that we haven't had the chance of experiencing it before, he after all is the youngest of four. But to see each of our children stepping in their own time out of childhood is something, we every time enjoy and fear in somewhat equal measure.
Knowing that this is only the beginning of even greater changes, it gives us again a moment to reflect and to trust, that also this, often still willful, untamed, yet so sweet boy will find his way into responsible young adulthood.

A soccer player

A team player with great motivation

He is on the right path, I can see this. Only yesterday he pointed out to me, he needs to read 3 chapters daily of the first required reading book, to finish it  before camp starts, so he has enough time to go through the other two books before vacation is over. After asking him about it, he explained, 'I want to start the new school year the right way. Being prepared.' These were his exact words and to be truthful I have never heard him speak up like that before. Of course he was most all the time prepared in all his years in Elementary School, one just did one's home work, but the awareness and foresight, two months ahead made me think of his growing up.
I am proud of my baby (Don't tell him I said this), for now I can see the light at the end of the parental tunnel.... (LOL)

Well, of course it has been a wonderful journey so far and we both enjoy seeing our kids slowly moving truly into their own lifes. It is moving and often we feel it has all happen too fast, but time goes on and so will we. We are ready to share the ride!

We wish him a wonderful, fruitful and exhilarating time at the Jr./Sr. High School. A new world opens up!

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