Lemonade Days

Oh, lemonade days are coming, school will be over next week, we will celebrate another great year of learning and maturing for our kids and learning and maturing for ourselves.  Growing up with the children... it's a wonderful thing. 

I watched through the kitchen window these little robin chicks mature too

I have learned a whole lot of new things in the last months and keep on doing it, yet the summer time calls for slowing things down a bit and, rejoicing in the simple pleasures of life, relaxing, spending more time with good friends and finally our family, reading, travels and simple foods!

One of the first roses here at the Green House

The garden gives me pleasure, the roses are in bloom and the hydrangeas are soon really ready, the oak trees are full of fresh green leaves again and the grasses have almost reached their yearly heights...I walk through wafts of the scented honeysuckle and jasmine and the potted hibiscus and oleanders made it through another winter on the veranda.

I am so happy the outdoor season has finally begun!

Happy weekend! Wishing you a great season....filled with the simple pleasures!

All images byV.Zlotkowski


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