“first dance” wedding video

after we got married in may of 2008 billy created a slideshow out of our wedding day photos that our amazing photographer, angela wilson of angela wilson photography, took for us.  he put the slideshow to the song “first dance” by corey smith.  “first dance” was appropriately the song that we had our first dance to at our wedding reception.  corey smith, for those of you who aren’t familiar with him, is a local artist who has quite a large following.  you won’t hear him on the radio but you may have heard some of his songs before.  

after billy posted the video we noticed that it was getting a lot of hits on youtube, 26,751 as of today, but we couldn’t figure out why.  tonight billy and i went went to dinner with our friend kevin who is in town visiting.  while we were on the way back home billy’s friend bret called and said that our wedding slideshow video is posted on corey smith’s actual website.  how cool is that!  we immediately jumped on the corey smith website when we got home to check it out.  it was definitely there.  i guess we’ve finally figured out why our video is getting so many hits. 

here’s the link to the corey smith video page.  you can see our video link down at the bottom left of the page.

and here’s our wedding slideshow video.  i know this isn’t interior design related but i just had to share it.  it was the best day of my life.

i’ll have to tell you about my wedding day dress fiasco some other time.  it was pretty crazy. 


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