1.  this federal hill row home home featured in chesapeake home.

see more pics here.

2.  beautiful art from painter amanda talley featured on the elements of style blog.

3.  this continuum buffet from stanley furniture.  i think it’s beautiful.



4.   this canvas art from z.gallerie.  i’ve been eyeing it for a while now.  i used to show horses when i was younger so i have a fondness for anything with horses on it.

Close this window

5.  this cool company called schoolhouse electric that has great schoolhouse reproduction lighting.  prices are reasonable too.


like this pendant fixture for only $109.00.


have a great weekend! hopefully the rain will stay away from atlanta like it has for the last couple of days.  we could do without it for a month considering the amount of rain we got all last week and the beginning of this week. 


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