Days are passing

Detail of a Eugene Grasset poster, 1892

The days are passing much faster then I always anticipate, my niece has come and gone, birthdays were celebrated this June and suddenly it's almost July! 
As I write this so many thoughts are going through my mind. I wish I had a little more time to follow them to make sense of my observations and feelings. To make sense of where I am heading.
One of those trains of thoughts has been dedicated for a long time now towards writing this blog, which has taken on a life of its own.
My intentions were 'simple' in the beginnings : To write about design and lifestyle.
Now I realize it has become a diary of sorts, a place where I am more and more aware of the importance of being an individual instead an observer and commentator of common design ideas.
Over the last months it has started to bother me to paste and copy images from magazines, 
homes I have seen or of the achievements of designers everywhere. It leaves me more dissatisfied, because I miss my own creativity.
I am not sure why this is. Perhaps I have become aware of the repetitive nature and although I am fully aware of things out there new and exciting, they begin to feel like one and the same.
Inside of me is a rebel buried and this one does not let me sit quietly. I am not able to suppress this feeling nor to ignore it any longer. It sits and nags me. Since I fully realized its there I have not been able to enjoy writing about decor, design other then my personal 
musings on life, house and garden.
I have a feeling this blog will need to be re-invented. I absolutely love following all your dedicated blogs on design, but for me it somewhat has run its curse.
I while ago I would have never believed to admit to the fact that I am slightly bored by daily reflections on the latest trends, chairs or wallpaper. My love for great design is undiminished, it's just that I might not write about it anymore as I used to.  

The last thing I want to come across is as a horrible snob. 

The strength of our blog writing lies in the fact that we all believe in the power and meaning of our messages we are sending out and I want desperately to keep it honest.
Slowly my blog has moved into something else, way more towards reflections on my own life, the style I try to evoke or my ideas I feel worth sharing with you. It has less and less to do with me reflecting on other designers or design products. 

It also has become more about writing.
The experience of writing this blog has - so to speak - sharpened my pencil and my thoughts are flowing out, but more often in different direction as I intended for this blog. 
Has this something to do with my age? Or possibly my many times broken career as an artist? I haven't painted in years, yet I still feel like a painter. The writings lined up in my head have not been really conceived, but the thoughts are sitting unwritten and I feel it's time to begin a different journey.
Maybe it will lead to something new. It feels exciting, but maybe it will lead to nowhere.
I am afraid to jinx it....
I am a little afraid.

So if you are willing to spare here and there a moment to follow me on this new adventure into possibly writing and my reflection on life and (of course) my occasional departure into the design world and dispatches from my garden I invite you to come along.
I cannot promise how entertaining it might be and I am fully aware that I run a huge risk of boring you all to the point of no return, but I would love to have you come along with me!

This summer we will be in South Carolina, we love the beach, the heat and Savannah, GA close by.
I will practice writing and hope to learn to be precise, to collect impressions and to tell you how I feel....

I hope you all enjoy these coming months, I am wishing you a wonderful new season, wherever you are!



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