Bold patterns and colours in a Malmö apartment

This wonderful apartment is currently for sale through Bo-laget and is located in the slightly more bohemian part of Malmö city. So many lovely decorating features I'm not sure where to start. But if I had to choose just three, I'd go for the mosaic kitchen floor, blue panels and Ferm Living dotty wallpaper. Just so cute and fun! what about you?!

Bo-laget via Little Birdie

I love the yellow Fjäll Raven children's rucksack hanging in the hall too. A definite contender for my daughter's birthday pressie in a few weeks time.

Thank you for the tip on this home Little Birdie blog!

PS I'm off on a long weekend adventure tomorrow morning, so exciting! So much to do first though - hurry hurry hurry!! I will try my best to say hello over the next few days so please do pop by but here's an apology in advance if I don't manage!


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