I will make it short, we have been hit by Sandy and it has been bad. Most of our neighbors, including ourselves, have had no power since Monday and we are permanently on the go to find a warm spot, warm food and /or internet access or outlets to power the phones.  The food in the fridge needed to be thrown away, the freezer still has some stuff I hope to safe. Hard to say, since there is basically no information when power will be reestablished in the neighborhood. Some rumors talk of the weekend, lets hope the truth lays somewhere before that!

A huge tree has hit our garage and parts of the roof where our addition to the house is located. We have been in touch with every possible place to get help to remove the tree, getting the insurance involved and now we have to wait and see how fast we can get back to normal.

But my heart goes out to those, who have lost so much more: Their homes, livelihoods and lives. It is scary to be exposed to the fierce powers of nature and to be so utterly helpless in the face of it. May we all be able to soon re-build and be safe. 

Image by V.Zlotkowski


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