Sometimes, when the going gets tough for my children, when long school days stretch ahead without a break, daily sports bring sudden injuries, when test results go wrong, way off the hoped for mark, when student jobs are lost or hopes for them are shuttered, then they need a little extra tender care
Reminders that they are loved and cherished, no matter the grade, the mood, the loss.
An extra hug, a phone call, a little boost, a foot rub, a funny text message, a small gift: Something to cheer them up! We all need cheering up...
I find the mornings in our family the most relaxed time during the day. We get up early to sit down around the table for a real breakfast, cereal, coffee, smoothies, freshly baked rolls, eggs any style...(To be sure: I am not a super mom, I just plan ahead) We chat and joke. To get my children off to another day, happy, smiling, and most of all ready to tackle yet again the challenges of the day (which make them sometimes want to hide), this is my goal every day.
This morning was such and I cheered them up with this:

 Our son asked, can I really eat from this? (He is the mass cereal killer....)
And our daughter mentioned framing it.... It's a quote from one of her most beloved stories.

Engraved spoons from here

Laughter and relaxed happiness were the hoped for results. Off they went, smiling and energized!

Wishing you all a day to smile about!
(And you can spoil someone any time, no injury required....)

Images by V.Zlotkowski


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