Before and after - a table

I know how we all enjoy a good before and after story!
A few years ago I had bought this little pedestal table at a garage sale for $ 75! It had a few knacks, but was otherwise usable. A few month ago a piece fell off from the rim around the top, perhaps it had been broken before and the glue had lost it's strength.
Anyway, I had two options, to glue it on myself and to paint it or to give it to our amazing craftsman Eric Clingen from Tarrytown Woodworks! I love to go to him for my client's repair and wood restoration work. He is meticulous and filled with respect for the original furniture, has an ability to bring historic pieces gently back to life!
His workshop in a sunny storefront shop in Tarrytown, NY is a delight to look at! We decided to have it properly restored.


It is not restored to ueber perfection. The surface scratches have been removed, no more discolorations, water marks are gone but the small burn mark is still visible. The brass fittings are polished, but only gently, not to a gleaming shine!
The table now looks like what at is: A well loved and cared for heirloom piece from the turn of the 19th century!
I am so glad we've had it done!


All picture by V.Zlotkowski


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