Two windows

My two bay windows beckon me regularly to be newly decorated. I change flowers, plants and china, sometimes glass, because I love how the light plays with it. New treasures are viewed there for a while and we all enjoy the candles...
The first window is witness to birthday celebrations, holidays and as the year passes I can see the changes.

Easter 2008

Our small dining room sees all the action and every meal at home takes place here. This window now also holds some china and silver, which we use almost daily.
Sometime in spring 2009!

And last summer!

This was back in mid January! I had bought this weeping Pussy Willow, to bring in some fresh green. I love living plants and see them grow! Nothing but dark sticks...yet!

Then the small little pussies appeared. Gentle as a breeze!

And now, since last week the first leaves greet me every morning and come May I will find a sunny place and transfer it out into the garden.

The other window overlooks the front yard as well from our winter living room. We call it that because most of our winter days and evenings are spent there, playing piano, reading, watching the fire. There is no TV or radio but we read, drink tea together or play games. There is my husband's chess game, a treasured gift from a friend, who's father carried it on a Dutch war ship during WWII.
I love those apothecary jars, sometimes filled with things, but I love them empty too.
You might recognize them from my header picture...
A winter night 2009!

Halloween 2010!

A few days ago...

And this is now! The first Forsythia branches, ready to pop open any day now!

These are also windows into my world and I guess they tell a bit about my devotion! I hope you have many places around your home where your passions show!

A great week to you all!


All images by me. Copyright 2011 victoria zlotkowski


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