Today I love

Painted floors! I have a weakness for painted floors. I love the sophisticated or relaxed look of it, it evokes country side and ease, but at the same time I can see it at an old castle.

I love white floor boards, Swedish design often relies on it, but also the intricate designs by skilled artisans to faux finish a floor to perfection.


There are endless possibilities and the only thing that stops me from painting my floors light is the fact that my dog is black and sheds more then I like! And more over, my children are in and out year round, tracking their boots into the front door and way more often into the family room. It would be a nightmare!
But I love them...



Look at these wonderfully painted stairs!
Done by Karen Oakley, a faux finish painter with incredible talent! She lives in Mystic, CT. If you are lucky it's your neighborhood...

Or these ones!

They can be such fun too.


And these add some flair to a bathroom, which would otherwise look like any other!


But honestly, a white painted floor is just wonderful!


My floors certainly could use some serious refreshing, I might just paint them! Perhaps a sophisticated muddy gray?
What is your take on it?


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