A bedroom

I looked through my pictures for evidence of great details and this is one of the images, which came to my mind. I had seen it a couple of month ago in Lonny magazine and I truly love it.
Analyzing what makes it so enticing are a few things: The symmetry and the contrast between the light walls and the modern bed on one hand and these lovely antique chests, functioning as side tables, one the other.
I adore the popping coral red of the blanket at the end of the bed and the small vases filled with roses left and right next to the head board. The wall mounted reading lamps blend in and do not draw attention. But I become aware of the nail trimmed headboard. And I notice the smaller leaning prints along the wall behind the books. Please click on the images to enlarge and to see ll those lovely details!

There is a lot going on a in quiet way. Looking at the picture I realize how the large classic prints add height and definition to a small and rather boxy room, leaving space for the white monochrome painting in the center. The carpets almost mirrors the scene. All the patterns work well with each other, enhancing the effects of sublet elegance. The longer I look, the more I discover the details. There is a blue and white duvet, striped pillows, sheers and softly gray patterned curtains. And love sits right in this bedroom's center! I love how the light streams in from two sides. This is unique.
There are three layers of carpeting: A wall to wall sisal, a softer larger mat, perhaps a woven wool and again a smaller one right under the bench with a yellow frame inside...
I love the books staples, large colorful ones, perhaps of travel designations or beautiful interiors? Maybe gardening or fashion photography? This place makes me dream and in all its intimacy it opens a world.
On the opposite site is a fireplace. And an armchair with a history. Notice the red piping...And another popping pillow!
I can not see a TV! How divine!

Did I tell you it belongs to Lulu De Kwiatkowski?
It is beautiful!

And a happy weekend ahead to all of you!

Images via Lonny magazine.


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