Something is cooking in my kitchen

Slowly improvements have made their way into my kitchen. I have posted here on some previous changes. In good time we will tackle what remains to be done, but last Friday we've gotten the new dishwasher and range. What a joy!!!
After dish washing by hand like in the good old days for about a month my hands and I were so happy to receive the new dishwasher.

But I am elated to have a new stove. The electrician dated the old one back to 1972!!! Amazing. It still worked somewhat, but so inefficiently and slow to heat, it was an environmental nightmare and certainly an eyesore.
The new appliances are all from GE profile and I am happy with them.

Now I have that gorgeous cooking machine and I am practically hitched to the stove....
My darling husband surprised me Sunday with a set of brand-new pots and pans, stainless steel Cuisinart®, complete with pasta pot and carbon filter mesh lid for frying....

He went all out and will absolutely benefit from his generosity!!

Yesterday I prepared a southern German dish: Chicken in Riesling, with Bavarian egg noodles and mushrooms. It turned out delightful and we all pour over cook books to try out new exciting dishes. The picture is by a different chef (See image, thank you), I had no time to take one : )....But I promise you next time I will!

Here is the German recipe version of Coq Au Riesling. The regions of south western Germany, France (Alsace) and Switzerland all benefit from the close geographical proximity. Many similar dishes can be found with slight variations in this neighborhood.
If you google Chicken with Riesling you will find many different recipes. I am sure all of them are delightful! Try!

What I love about this new stove: Firstly a ceramic glass top, easy to clean and modern. Secondly It has two ovens build in. A small top oven for baking, warming and pizza. Underneath a larger convection oven. Much faster to pre-heat, and 25% faster cooking time. Especially helpful with those roasts and turkeys...

Well, it's another detail which makes such an enormous difference for us!
You know where to find me.....


Pictures by V. Zlotkowski and as indicated.


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