Creating a Home

Creating a home is at the core of my life and work philosophy, a home filled with warmth, beauty, whimsy, style and humor. There are many out there who share this passion and one of them is the interior and textile designer Kathryn M. Ireland. When I heard of her book signing at Brooke Gianetti's store a few weeks ago I was a bit sad, that I was unable to bridge those 2462 miles...

But in my mind I was there and since Brooke was graciously enough to think of people like me far away, she agreed to have Kathy work overtime and sign a book for me to be mailed.
A few month ago I posted on this book here! I just adore her style. The mix between bohemian chic, country elegance and bold patterns is irresistible to me.

Creating a Home is not new on the market, I had cast my eyes on this book for awhile. But this chance to have it signed was one I did not want to miss! Click on the book to go to for a look.

Kathryn was also featured in December 2010 at The Skirted Round Table, go listen to her, she is marvelous!

Her book arrived today and I am happy to call it my own. Brooke's office send it in the most stylish manner. I am writing this year about details and after receiving the slim package in the mail and opening it, I knew I had to share it with you. Look at it, isn't it lovely? One of the many examples of how a little detail like that made my day!

A natural colored tissue paper was wrapped around the book, with some string and complete with a starfish! So simple, and yet...How did they know that I am a beach comber? That little star sits now on my window ledge and whispers of sunny shores and the cries of the sea gulls, while I sit next to it and wait for the next winter storm. A lovely reminder of summer!

Thank you Brooke and Kelly! And thanks to Kathryn's creativity...



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