3rd time’s a charm…

Well, hopefully it is.  I’m back with my 3rd and hopefully final nursery design.  When it comes to designing stuff for myself I’m terribly indecisive.  I think it’s because I’m so overexposed to great design all the time.  As soon as I get something planned for myself, I inevitably find something that I like better.  It’s an awful flaw to have.  Fortunately it’s not one that I have when it comes to designing other people’s homes. 

In case you haven’t been around long let me guide you through my nursery design metamorphosis.  So I started out with this design…

Chase Nursery copy

I really liked it but then after browsing through the Urban Outfitters website I found another fabric that I loved so I changed things up a bit. 

Chase's nursery update2

I really jumped the gun on the redesign.  I definitely should have waited until the fabric actually came in.  Maybe then I wouldn’t have been so disappointed.  Once I started changing the design, the less I liked the original.  And, after searching and searching for a fabric similar to the UO fabric I finally gave up and went a totally different direction. 

So, here’s my 3rd and better be final design for Chase’s nursery. 

Chase copyThis nursery just feels right to me.  I’ve already gotten the Alphabet print in and that’s one of the main reasons that I gravitated towards orange and blue.  There is so much orange in the print and I love it.  I’m planning to do an art grouping above the crib and this will be the main piece.


The Thom Felicia Kravet fabric is a bit out of my budget(even at the wholesale cost) so I’ve ordered swatches for a few less expensive alternatives. 

city sqReally the only major decision that I have left to make is on a glider.  I love this one from Four Seasons Furniture [in a different fabric of course] which can be purchased here, but it’s also out of my price range. 


My budget for a glider is more in the “find it on Craigslist” range.  So, I’ve been checking CL daily for one that I can buy inexpensively and have slipcovered.  So far no luck, but I’m staying optimistic. 

We have yet to move our current guest room furniture out, so it will be quite sometime before I can post progress pictures.  I promise I will post them as soon as I have them though.


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