Over the weekend I made a quick switch-a-roo with my window treatments.  A few weeks ago I had purchased 2 panels from World Market.  I had been wanting a punch of color in my family room for a while, and the drapes that I bought added just the right amount. 

These nail-head beauties from West Elm have been hanging in my family room for about the last 8 months. 

img39mThey are now happily hanging in my master bedroom.  I’m in the process of moving my old guest bedroom decor [seen below] into my master to make room for Chase’s nursery.  I didn’t want to repeat the natural linen panels in my master since they will be staying in my nursery so I opted to go dark.

guest room

These World Market Suzani panels are now hanging in my family room.

wm2 wm

I got pretty excited when I saw them in 96” length in the store.  I’m glad to see that more stores are carrying that length in the actual store.   

A little Google image search came up with this image too.  It shows the vibrant colors much better than the World Market pictures do.

il_570xN_193838683 As soon as I “style” my family room [get my house cleaned up] I’ll take a few pictures and put them up on the blog.


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