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I’ve been struggling to figure out what to put over my fireplace that is in the new nursery.  I wanted something very cool and unique because the wall that the fireplace is on is really small and not very interesting. 

While shopping in West Elm I found the absolute perfect cluster of items.  First I found these precious ceramic bird houses.

img61m Then I found these adorable little paper birds.

birdI’m planning to attach the birdhouses to the wall with simple hooks like these.

 31710-01-200And on top of each hook I’m going to put house numbers like the one below.  Proabably 1, 2 & 3.


The cute birdie will be perched on top of an upside down square toothbrush holder from this white laquer West Elm collection.


I was hoping to be able to get this collage up on the wall over the weekend, but I spent too much time shopping for the nursery.  Whoopsie!  I plan to have it up soon though. 

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