Home again

Arriving home after one week is a pleasure, settling in with all the goods from Vermont...
Sitting down this morning to a cozy breakfast was a delight. We recalled the last days, discussed the progress the children have made during the last weeks skiing, the wonderful time we had in our clearly most beloved home away from home: Vermont!

There is maple smoked cheddar cheese and goat cheese from Cabot, maple syrup and a delicious blended honey maple spread, dill pickles from a local farmer in Eden and plum preserve from Grafton,VT!

We enjoy the local made foods and appreciate the pride people have in their home made goods. The Vermonters are special in this indeed. We felt they are incredibly self-reliant, from dairy products to baked goods, meets and sausages, wool and felt products, they have kitchen gardens and everywhere you can find hand made things, tastefully done. The land is well cared for and even in the depth of winter one can feel the love for the land and homes.
One of the beautiful crafts next to furniture making is glass blowing and in many small places you can find a glass blower with his wonderful ware. The most well known of course is Simon Pierce, but there are many more.

This time we brought home a gorgeous glass vase, created by the lovely woman Toby at Hot Glass Works in Jamaica, VT.

She and her husband have been there for over 30 years, hand blowing the most colorful glass. I found her shop purely coincidental while visiting Jamaica, VT. I admired her stained glass windows, small oil lamps and vases of all shapes and sizes.

Blue glass, dipped in silver!

It is wonderful to be home! There is sunshine outside and the temperatures are mild: 46 degrees , we checked, Vermont is still only 26 degrees!!! I promise to catch up with all of you, miss your posts!

Tonight is Oscar Night! Are you going to watch it?
Hope your Sunday is wonderful!


All images by V.Zlotkowski.


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