So bummed

urban outfittersWell, the sunshine medallion panels that I was so anxiously waiting for came in yesterday.  I’m terribly disappointed.  The print looks nothing like it does in the picture online.  If you take the print shown in this picture and pretend to use highlighter pens in place of the colors that’s pretty much what it looks like.  The colors are so unbelievably bright.  They look pretty muted in the picture but are very neon in real life, especially the orange [which looks like a spiced red in the photo].

Here’s the problem, I fell so in love with what I thought this fabric would look like.  Now I have my heart set on something just like it for the nursery.  I don’t think I can go back to my original plan.  So, as of now, I’m on a mission to find something similar. 

For those of you who said you had bookmarked it and were thinking of getting it yourself…BUYER BEWARE.  I guess the positive side is that the panels I purchased can be returned.  Oh the joys of online shopping.


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