Magic colors

The garden was tinted in the softest colors this morning and, while taking pictures, in my mind the garden turned into rooms. Misty, magical rooms. Soft boudoirs, feminine flair.

And I could not take my eyes off the pearly tones and dew drops hanging on every branch!

I did feel the early warmth of the sun, slowly coming up behind me in the sky. Birds began to sing.

Young maple tree buds, still small and fragile, soon turning into blossoms and leafs.

 The Magnolia in all it's glory opened her flowers yesterday.

These are soft colors, and to see them come alive in rooms
like these is magical too!




Nature is still the strongest inspiration for me, from spring to winter and morning 'til night...I feel like nature's interpreter...

Have a magical Friday!

All images by Victoria Zlotkowski


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