Girl power

For the first time our daughter (15) has been leading an interior design project all by her own. 
She designed her room (10'x12'), selected colors, created a layout and worked with a - rather tight - budget. She was also the project leader and her own contractor, doing most of the needed work herself. She asked for help when she felt needing it and otherwise was her own cheerful happy client....


The only thing my husband and I have been involved with were to shop with her for necessary items and to hang a curtain rod and shelves. 

We did not want to let her use the power drill just yet. Of course, one day soon I will teach her this too. Every woman should know how to use a least some power tools! 

Attaching the wall lamp

She prepped, sanded and painted the walls. 

Metallic Tin color and shag rug

She had packed up all her belongings, telling me with a wistful smile that all she owns does fit in two boxes.....Unlike me, she is not a pack rat! She parts with things she doesn't need rather quickly!

Apart from the contents of her closet. Which stayed thankfully untouched.
She had picked Glidden's 'Light blue' and Martha Stewart's metallic 'Tin' color for an accent wall. She bought a shelf and desk at Ikea and a wall lamp at Home Depot. After realizing wall to wall was not within her budget, she got a rug - a lovely gray melange shag - at Home Depot as well.

While I am typing this, she is upstairs, cleaning the floor from some of her paint splatters. We had explained the importance of a good prep work, but some of this must have gotten lost along the way. Well, she knows now.
All the while music is blasting from her room, telling me of the great mood she is in. The crowning glory, literally, are the three dimensional clouds she has painted on the ceiling! I am very impressed.

Our daughter has shown great girl power! We are so proud of her determination! She is happy with the results and all I can say is: Very well done indeed!

The room after:

She had chosen early on a faux four poster look

A look at the shag rug

Wall shelves, a wall lamp and a cozy full size bed

She hang the lamp herself!

Between bed and closet

Check out the sky...

Now we are still hanging art work, particular her own lovely photography, of pets, friends, family and travels....

Furniture, curtains: Ikea
Chandelier:Westelm (existing)
Wall lamp, rug and paint: Home Depot
Table lamp: Home Goods (existing)
Budget: $ 650

Being proud and happy about her own achievements: Priceless!

All pictures by V.Zlotkowski


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