Pink wonder

Speaking of girl power, seeing the blossoming Magnolia, I thought of dresses, lovely, delightful gowns to wear at a spring ball, the prom or the wedding. Not for me, but for the girls around me, who aspire for one or the other! And for the girl within, the forever girl, who still likes to dress in such a gown once in awhile....


Don't we all have a little Cinderella dream hidden inside?

Yesterday I picked a few of the low hanging branches and the blossoms were all closed tightly, this morning they had bloomed and opened to such glory!
And although it's a cliche, I still liken the blossoming girls to flowers!


These years, when our girlish body and soul awakens, 
becoming aware and ready to be released into the world!

There is tenderness and a little rawness, still the last moments of growing up within...


There is nothing lovelier to behold!


A gown can be all this, representing the form inside, gentleness, hope and beauty!

Like the Magnolia blossoms, full of beauty and a reminder of the passing time!

Flower images by V.Zlotkowski all others as indicated.


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