Birds & birds

People who have read my blog for a little while know how much I love birds. I love watching them, feeding them, but I do not like them caged....I take pictures of them, when I happen to see them and occasionally I come across things, which have a bird theme. Nice ones. Delightful fabrics are sometimes among them, or wallpapers, ceramics, jewelry. 
Birds are a timeless inspiration, symbol of freedom, beauty and and song.


Yesterday I heard this little guy long before I spotted him. So loud and clear a thrilling sound.

And this small owl found her way onto my dresser...  

The old 19th Century Swedish duck illustrations were laminated and getting used as place mats in our household.

I found the wonderful wallpaper here.

And last but not least: The tireless woodpecker across the street... 

is brass designed...

 helping you to say hello!
Get him here.

All images by V.Zlotkowski and as indicated.


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