Springing ahead


I have spring cleaning in my mind.... The sunshine gives me all the energy and for whatever reason I believe winter here has run it's meager course for this season. 
New York did not have much snow to begin with this winter, unfortunate ski resorts lost plenty of money, but I guess we experience some slow climate changes.

The garden in March

May it as it be, I will finally remove some pieces of decoration which have survived since Christmas and now need to move to be stored away. I crave flowers and fresh patterns, chocolate Easter bunnies are hopping all over the place in shops and I need to  breath fresh air.


After a long walk through the park on Saturday I could almost see the sprouting green and some willows sport already soft yellow green tips!

Spring brook

Thick winter blankets can be cleaned and stored away, I love to change pillows and wash slip covers. 


I exchange aromatic wood scented candles to something fresh and airy...

Illume Spring Eden Candle

My old recipe for letting spring in, is to open windows wide. The birds are singing, often early in the morning and I love to hear them.

Yesterday in our hedge to neighbor's garden.

We are checking the outdoor furniture, clean the cushions, and I look through catalogs to find plants and some planters for the deck!


And nothing says spring louder than a pair of delicious flats...


So, let's dance into spring!

All images as indicated and byV.Zlotkowski


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