Sunday revelations

Any given Sunday is a little highlight in our week! We enjoy this calm day and usually try to keep it within our family! Lately, with growing teenage children, we find ourselves often alone at breakfast, due to sleepovers, early engagements with friends or some activity or other! How long has it been, since my husband and I had time together alone, without paid help to spend some hours just for the two of us? To plan a dinner? To quietly read the papers, confer about plans or even talk of this and that without being rushed? Oh, do we get glimpses into a life as empty nesters?

The house is silent, only the sound of the pendulum clock marking the passing time...I turn another page in my current novel.
And then suddenly it's all over, the front door bursts open, our daughter, with rosy cheeks storms in, with a friend and within seconds we are engulfed in fast paged stories about meetings and shoppings, parties and the unfair loads of homework! There is texting and raiding the fridge, all while we sit, stunned at our grown babe!
We have our share of worries, late nights, where I, full of  anguish, await my daughter's return from a party, when a girlfriend drives her home...
And our son, sleeping over with his best friend, being attached to the Xbox way to long...

But the worries are so outnumbered by our astonishment, to have raised our children so far,  without major injuries and now facing the scary task to let go, to trust them through adventures of questionable nature, mishaps and problems along the way, that they will make it, just as we did! To take part (as much as they will let us) and enjoy their growing explorations of coming adult life, disappointments and ecstasies of first love and the temptations of forbidden things along the way.
We are worried, we are happy, we are in a turmoil of feelings and it comes as a sudden revelation to me, that my husband and I are going through these exciting times in almost the similar confused fashion as our teens. There is no recipe for managing these years and I feel, that humor and patience are still some of the best qualities to take the challenges presented daily. To have good friends, with whom to share these experiences with, is a blessing for all, for our children as much as for ourselves!
With empathy and love we shall make it through! And silently I send out a wish to the unknown forces of life to protect us all.

Have a happy Sunday!

Images by V.Zlotkowski


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