I am off

To Berlin, Germany. I am visiting my two oldest sons, who live and study there and I simply cannot wait to wrap my arms around them... 
I haven't seen them since August - September '11, way too long for any mother's heart!
They have assured me of a great program together, the film festival 'Berlinale' is in full swing and we have tickets to some of the last great premieres of this year's festival highlights.

I love Berlin and every time I go, I discover more exciting things to do, see and share with you!  
I might post the one or other picture, perhaps some time next week.
I'll be back by the end of next week!
Now I am off packing, which is something I enjoy as a part of the journey!


Be safe and well! Enjoy the winter break, for those out and about! See you all soon!


Top image by V.Zlotkowski, via google image and as indicated.


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