A little more magic

Here, as promised, part two of the amazing house I discovered and would love to share with you!

I returned next morning, this time bringing my husband along. I had to share my enthusiasm with him, thankfully he is game... After a scrumptious breakfast at the Gryphon Teahouse we were ready!

Swiftly moving through the lower floor I headed upstairs. 
By now I felt like almost at home between all the wonderful and priceless pieces and would have gladly given a grand tour.
But my husband settled on the second porch, taking in all the sunshine he could get! Sometimes I would get a call from him, inquiring of my whereabouts...I wonder, how could he simply ignore all the enticing treasures to be discovered???

There is the main floor, remember? Just a quick reminder:

Alone the hall is so impressive, come look!

Slowly climbing upstairs I saw this:

And that! Here is more destruction then downstairs.

Rooms after rooms, filled with incredible objects!

I felt like the old explorer, coming upon a treasure...

The ballroom!

Reaching the third floor, you'll find a clear distinction from the rooms below. The ceilings are low, no more stucco, simple wall treatments, it must have been the servants quarters back in the days when this house was lived in. Perhaps a nursery. But the charm is undeniable.
Obviously people lived up here longer then downstairs, since there were traces of 50's style walls and floor. I found an old kitchen...

I couldn't help being enticed by all the mirrors...What's a girl to do??? Self portrait with IPhone! It's the 21st Century after all.

Oh, I would have gladly taken many things home with me...but, alas, I had to leave them behind. One day, perhaps!
Remember the bride picture I found in this place?
Here she is now! I couldn't part with her! If I only would find out who she was... Isn't there a strange resemblance to the portrait above? I couldn't help notice.

This is a rather bad close up, but I absolutely adore her outfit. Look at her hat, her dress with all the beautiful lace,
her pose and the dainty elegant shoes! Quietly, almost a little sad, she gazes into the camera, perhaps into her future life. 1919!
I wonder about her life...

She will be cherished for as long as I shall live!

The house is a treasure box and I will not reveal the exact location! Historic Savannah is not large and with a little 
detective work and open eyes you will find it, if you truly look for it. I love the idea of a kept secret. Just look for a large old house, near one of the loveliest squares, with wonderful porches, filled with antiques...
Maybe some day one of you will wander into it and think back of this post!
Well, if somebody will ask me, I might tell....

Hint: It houses an antique store and was build 1860 and completed 1869. And another famous Savannah house sits practically next door...
Well, if there is one thing I would love to do: Bring this beauty back to life! If only....

All pictures by V.Zlotkowski. Copyright 2011


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