A midweek autumn dinner


When the days grow short and darkness rises early, I enjoy cooking comfort food.
Last night I prepared acorn squash and bratwurst,  Brussels Sprouts and some delicious ice cream afterwards.

It's so easy and makes a satisfying meal. The scent of the baking squash is irresistible. Once the sausages are frying, it becomes enticing...

The dog did not leave my site and waited patiently to get a morsel.
My son explained why he needed definitely a test bite before dinner.
My husband asked at six if dinner was ready....
My daughter volunteered to set the table???
Guys, we never eat before seven?!

 Nicely browned, with a hint of butter and brown sugar! Hmmmm!

Alright! Dinner is served!

Top image from Joseph Oregon Fireworks Pottery, bottom google image, inbetween my own.


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