Of this and that and some added magic

As promised I will talk a little bit about this and that.... 
Firstly, why don't you go here and read a little about book recommendations I have for you all to read this coming winter.
There is much, but I am sure you will browse right through it....
There are also children's and teen books here!

Well, but if you decide to stay here for a moment, I'll take you to a special place...

Secondly, it's of course all about my recent travels to Savannah, GA. 
I spent only a (long) weekend with my husband, but it was just wonderful.
I discovered a hidden gem, a magical place.
A villa right in the middle of town, where time truly has been  standing still. But it's neither a well kept museum, nor a residence of an old ghost...it's an antique shop with a secret....
Will you follow me?
Let's knock on the door...

Only a small sign points out the shop behind the door....
A kind lady or gentleman will open and ask you inside.
You may browse at your leisure.

It is a long, ground level room, filled to the brim with tables and chests, shelves full of frames, books, prints.
Mirrors at every bend, disorienting the visitors. Have I been here already?

There are small and smallest rooms, carpets, street signs, lamps, chest of drawers from all kinds of periods, all breathing the times past.
A box filled with old photographs draws my attention.
As I look through them a framed picture, showing a lovely bride with a huge bouquet of flowers, catches my eye. Why do I feel such a connection? It's a Savannah bride I am told, from 1919!
I hold her gently in her gold frame, tattered silk hanging from the back. 
I make my way through rooms, where baby carriages sit on top of tables, windows have faded curtains. I find a tiny enclosed garden.

As I turn a corner I find an old staircase leading upwards what looks like the outdoors. How can this be, there is a garden on the ground just behind me...

As I climb to the top I realize I am standing on a porch. A porch familiar to me...
Looking around I suddenly connect the dots. Back in July I had visited Savannah numerous times and of course taken endless pictures of every possible romantic spot.
The back porches on this grand old house had me enthralled from the first moment I saw them.
Here is an image from then:

Now I am suddenly standing inside and the autumn sunlight warms up the old chairs, inviting me too sit and soak up some sunshine. 

But that has certainly to wait, this house opens up like in a dream.
Turning back I find myself at the main floor and a grand entrance.

Beautiful, how the the light streams into the hall!
I can see the main entrance, far back!
There is no way I can take this all in at once.... The crumbling walls and ceiling, countless objects, paintings, chandeliers....This has not been touched for at least 80 years.

I wander around in a haze. My mind travels back, I begin dreaming. Of dinners and life, parties and the times back to the Civil War and beyond.

I slowly get a feeling for the house. The central hall divides the house in two almost identical halves. Two large rooms left and right from the grand entrance would have welcomed visitors, open in the back equally to two more, slightly smaller rooms. Behind these on either side a small cabinet and the large porch outside.
The impressive staircase reaches up gracefully at least two more floors. Realizing closing time has come and passed I find my way back downstairs again only to be invited back the next day...
Shops do close early in Savannah, usually 5:00 to 5:30 PM every day. I snap a few more picks and take the bride home with me. She belongs with me...Only a few Dollars exchange hands and I smile as the friendly shop owner wraps her in newspaper! 

Just look at the amazing wall paper!

And the crown molding and the medallion above the chandelier...

Everything has enchanted me and I would have spend the night here if I only had been given the chance. I saw a few chaises... I am all excited to return first thing the next morning to explore the rest of the house. Oh, I can't wait...

Of course I have been back and, not to strain you as well, I will return tomorrow and  show you the rest of the house, believe me, it seems endless and wonderfully mysterious. Nothing reveals the treasures, quietly waiting behind these windows, when you look from the outside up the magnificent front!

All pictures taken by V.Zlotkowski


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