Fall/Winter patterns

I love the patterns of the seasons.
It gives me another reason to freshen things up around here. At one of my last visits to BoCoCa, a lovely neighborhood in Brooklyn, I found this lovely patterned paper and had an idea how to use it!

The large and not exactly exciting IKEA wall unit, which has served our rambling family dutiful for more then 10 years now, needed a little help. Its still in almost perfect condition.

Sometime last year.
I have been contemplating painting it, but shy away from the mess, since we use this room constantly. I decided to let it be and just make little improvements....The biggest challenge is not to let it get too messy and filled up. Which, of course, is not easy with an overflowing library.

And after:

I love these individual cubbies, like in a doll house I can set up little scenes...with things I love!

I have began 'winterizing' our house, cozied up corners, pulled out blankets and pillows.

I brighten dark spots with candles and warm up my husband's reading leather chair with an enormous sheepskin.

Talking of patterns, I found two lovely books at a yard sale on Sunday, they belong right into this post and will give me great more decorating inspirations. They are not new, but that does not matter...timeless design always fits in.

My daughter is a little under the weather today, we are going to sit down and have lunch, something we never  do together during the week, so it's special....but the poor baby just wants tea...

Are you warming up your place? At least in this hemisphere it will be necessary really soon.

And look who walked by today...(You shouldn't be around this time of year....)

It has been a rambling sort of post, with no clear pattern at all. Pictures of all sizes....Forgive me! 

Just a little while ago my good friend Patricia from PVE came by for tea and a walk, it's good to have her back. 
Why don't you stop by at her blog and say hello?

All images by V.Zlotkowski


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