Autumn splendor

Going to the Farmer's market, and coming home with an armful of nature's best, is one of the endless joys I get from this season.

Of course, it's the fruits and bountiful vegetables, but the flowers last usually much longer in our family with always hungry teens...
Apples and pears are devoured by the pounds and root vegetables, pumpkins, tubers and greens and end up quickly in stews and salads. 
But these sunflowers, grains, eucalyptus and lilies stay on my window sill and remind me to go outside...I yearn for views and walks and the aromas of nature, before she closes shop and all will covered under a cold blanket.

The view from the new shopping mall Ridge Hill, near Hastings-on-Hudson. Looking sharply, you can perhaps see the the gray Palisades above the Hudson in the middle picture.

This year has passed faster then I like to think, another year almost gone, wistfully I sigh!
But is has been filled with wonderful things, I am grateful!
What better way the to look forward to Thanksgiving....

Have a lovely weekend, my friends!

All images byV.Zlotkowski


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